Our Wines


Muscadine grapes are native to the southeast Unites States. All muscadine varieties are naturally rich in antioxidants and come in two main color types – black or bronze. All of our muscadine grapes are 100% Georgia grown and the wines we make with it are vegan certified and are lower in sugar and higher in alcohol than traditional muscadine wines!

Fingerprint Collection

Our top tier super premium wines, aptly named, Fingerprint Collection, are wines hand-crafted by our winemaker according to the best varieties each specific vintage and vineyard locations offer. These wines are marked with the winemaker’s fingerprint as they are all unique and rare selections coming from only the best years.


All Reserve Tier items are made from grapes grown in some of the most high-end viticultural areas in California. Our winemaker, Simone Bergese, hand selects the sites and the growers. The grapes are sent as full clusters to our winery in Georgia and the wines are completely made, vinified, and aged in our Georgia cellars. Each wine is carefully crafted in small lots and released in extremely limited quantities each vintage.


We love to create outstanding tasting experiences by making wines in very special styles, such as our Port, the Bianco, the champenoise Sweet Giggles, and our prosecco style Brut Reserve. We also offer two outstanding wines from our Italian twin partnering program, the Moscato d’Asti and Dolce Rosso. All of these wines are made for your special occasions and will delight your palates.